July is almost over and that means it's almost time for another school year. PRIDE of Tuscaloosa is helping students prepare by hosting a back-to-school bash and resource fair.

July is one of my favorite times of the year. Beach trips, day parties, frozen treats, cookouts, and summer vacations. It's also the time of year where everyone is helping others in the community prepare for the upcoming school year.

PRIDE of Tuscaloosa will be hosting "Freedom Day," Tuesday, August 10 from 11a-3p at the Tuscaloosa Rivermarket. This is a day for members of the community to come out and have fun with free food, school supply giveaways, resources from organizations all over Tuscaloosa, and more! Did I mention that yours truly, The Big Dawg DreDay will be the DJ?! This is guaranteed to be a good time full of healthy fun.


As the only non-profit substance abuse prevention organization in the area this organization is dedicated to serving the West Alabama community. According to their website, PRIDE of Tuscaloosa is dedicated to creating awareness, and they're passionate about preventing the onset of addiction and substance abuse in the Tuscaloosa and West Alabama area. They're committed to being a consistent resource to all age groups in the community and helping people retain their freedom by remaining addiction-free.​

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Grab your family and friends and meet me at the Tuscaloosa River Market for this back-to-school bash hosted by PRIDE of Tuscaloosa. If you need more information on this event, you're asked to call (2050 764-0351.


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