The University of Alabama has had many rivalry games throughout the football seasons. There are a few select games that are huge for us year after year.

Big Rivalry Games

Everyone knows that Alabama is the top dog when it comes to college football. When you're on top, everyone wants to make a name off of beating you on any given Saturday.

There are a few teams who are historically big rivals of the Crimson Tide.

LSU is definitely one of the biggest rivalries in not just Alabama football history, but college football as a whole. Since the first time LSU and UA matched up in football back in 1895, the Tide has had the longest winning streak with 11 straight wins.

The Iron Bowl is one of those classic rivalry games.

It's such a heated rivalry that there was even a 40-year hiatus due to animosity between the two schools.

Alabama and Tennessee round out the top three huge rivalry games in Alabama football.

Alabama has been playing the University of Tennessee in football for over 100 years. The first game was played back in 1901 in Birmingham.

Since the first game, Tennessee has won less than half of the overall games played against The University of Alabama.

The record overall for Alabama against Tennessee in football is 59-38-1, according to the University of Tennessee. 


After 15 years of straight losses to Alabama, in 2022, Tennessee finally defeated the Crimson Tide in a nail-biter of a game with a score of 52-49.


Before the game, there were multiple classless game day banners displayed in support of Tennessee. Including this horrible banner mentioning Tua.

After the Tennessee win, fans continued the "classy" acts amid celebrations by destroying their own school's property.

Following the game-winning field goal, fans stormed the field in celebration. What happened during the celebration is the most shocking thing.

While on the field, Tennessee fans not only climbed on top of the goalpost, but they completely removed it from the field!

After it was removed, it was seen being carried through the tunnel, the city of Knoxville, and eventually ended up being tossed into the Tennessee River.

Congrats to the Vols on the win but destroying your own property?


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