It's safe to say that being quarantined during this Coronavirus has us doing so many different activities to stay occupied. If you're running out of ideas, feel free to check out this blog with ideas on different thing you can do at this time. If you're still in search of things to do, let's start in your kitchen.


Former New York City, City hall press secretary Eric Phillips recently tweeted a photo of him organizing his spices in alphabetical order.


My first thought was, "Who only has five spices in their pantry?!" Like seriously, how can you make a decent meal with just 5 spices, and the spices don't even go together well. Allspice, black pepper, celery salt, cinnamon and salt?! REALLY LOL!

My immediate next thought was how long would it take for me to organize my spices in alphabetical order. Let's see....




It's your turn! Take the #SpicesChallenge and tag @1051TheBlock on Instagram and Facebook! 

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