Honestly, I do not like creepy crawly slithery critters, so this record-breaking python makes me wonder can we ever find one here in Alabama?

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Think about it, what would stop one of these from visiting our state? That’s a scary thought.

So in Florida, they found a 215-pound Burmese Python that was 18 feet long! That is huge!

Courtesy of Dorota Rokosz
Courtesy of Dorota Rokosz

Have we ever had a python running loose here in Alabama?  The answer is yes. We had an 11-foot python that escaped its home but was later found and reunited with its owner.

Not exactly record size, yet, it shows it can happen.

How did Florida officials find this monster of a python you ask? She was found by a male python.

Let me explain…there is a male python, named Dion, who is equipped with a tracking device. So while he is on the hunt for a “mate”, biologists track him. This led them straight to the lady in waiting.

She did not give up easily. The biologists trying to capture her got hit a few times by her. Apparently getting smacked in the face by the tail of a 215-pound python is like a punch to the face. She just kept clubbing them with her tail until they finally got control of her.

Experts said that she was loaded with 122 eggs, which makes for a lot of babies. Of course, no one would officially say this, but some feel that she may have been the Matriarch of the python invasion in south Florida. She may have been a pet someone released into the wild decades ago.

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The Florida Everglades are said to be home to more Burmese Pythons than Southeast Asia, to which they are native. Unfortunately, they have to be removed because they are endangering the natural ecosystem of south Florida and the Everglades. Biologists are locating females by tracking the males looking to mate. They hope that this will help with the population of the python.


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