Since living here in Alabama I've learned so much about the state. Mostly that a lot of viral videos happened in this place! Lol!

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The year was 2013 and so many videos were going viral. It felt like every time you turned around, a new clip was viral with millions of views.

Do you remember the Harlem shake videos?


While we're going down memory lane, let's talk about one of the weirdest viral videos I've ever seen. It's garnered over 1 billion views on Youtube. The song itself is just as crazy. It's just five words in the form of a question, "What does the fox say?"


Alabama has its own homegrown viral video that people all over, watched, and shared. A segment on ABC 33/40 called Talk of Alabama featured an Alabama poet, rapper, and author Marshall Pope.

Back in 2013, while on Talk of Alabama, Pope was discussing books he'd written, and near the end of the interview, he offered to do a freestyle. It didn't go so well and people reposted and remixed the video dozens of times!


I have to be honest. I laughed so hard when I first saw the original video. I was also feeling bad for Marshall because it had to be an awkward situation to be in at the time. Shoutout to the anchor for handling the situation so gracefully!

When I tell you the video was everywhere, I mean it.  Comedian Gary Owen even saw it and went on Talk of Alabama the following week and talked about seeing the viral video.


All jokes aside, I really like Marshall's spirit. He handled the laughs and jokes with ease and even came back to the show after the clip went viral.



I like the fact that his books and words were always meant to help those in need. I don't know where Marshall Pope is today but I hope he's in good health and I'm sure he's still spreading positivity to all he encounters.

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