Most of us have heard horror stories when it comes to service industries: hotel house keepers who don’t wash dishes or bedding, hairdressers with unsanitary tools, nail techs who cause fungus, etc. But the area where we’re probably most wary is when it comes to our food!

We’ll see a roach in a restaurant and never support the business again. Hear employees mention a mouse, and you might as well burn down the building.

Bad news travels fast, and we just don’t play about our food. We were taught that we are what we eat, and most of us just don’t want to be associated with anything pertaining to filth. We’ll eat food we don’t want or trash it rather than sending it back to the kitchen for fear of a disgruntled cook spitting in the remake.

When customers feel like their business isn’t wanted or that their food could undergo some tampering as a result of someone’s ill feelings…. Well, it’s just not a good scenario.

Unfortunately, restaurant owners are learning this the hard way!

The latest event comes courtesy of Aliceville residents who are upset about a post made by the owner of one of the town’s few restaurants.

The meaning behind her statement was never expressed.  However, the comments in her post implied a racial basis, and the original poster said absolutely nothing to quell the direction in which the comments were headed.

While silence is truly saying nothing, for many it says EVERYTHING!

How many times have you seen two friends from different places interact on social media and thought to yourself, “How do they know each other?”

Understand that what you do on social media is open for everyone to see.  It's like a game of peek-a-boo.  Just because you cover your eyes and don't see others, that doesn't mean others don't see you.


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