Alabama Head Football Coach Nick Saban held a Zoom teleconference today and updated the media on the new normal for the Crimson Tide. Saban, alone in his office, communicated through Zoom due to the CDC guidelines on holding large gatherings. He updated the media on how his program is dealing with the societal changes while staying productive.

Saban revealed that he still holds daily staff meetings using Zoom and he said he's allowed to have two-hour meetings with his players to review film and concepts. As far as staying in shape, the players were all issued Apple Watches that monitor daily activity and exercise habits.

Saban complimented new director of sports performance David Ballou for being innovative and creative with the players who are working with limited resources in their home town. The players without gyms to workout in have been issued resistance bands and programs that coincide with the bands to ensure they are staying active and prepared.S

Saban announced he was planning on putting out another P.S.A. encouraging people to comply with CDC guidelines so that we can return to normal life as soon as possible. He said he hoped the NCAA would allow the team to get together in the summer-time for team activities even if it was without pads.

He revealed that linebacker Markail Benton was suspended from the team and that was the reason he was removed from the online roster.

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