Thinking of school lunches, so many meals come to mind that I loved. If you loved this Alabama school lunch staple, this is going to be tough news to hear.

Sad news for Alabamians who grew up eating this school lunch gem. It's recently been announced that Crispitos will no longer be served to kids due to a shortage.

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The Jefferson County Schools Child Nutrition Facebook page recently made the announcement sending parents, former and current students into a frenzy on social media.

One comment read, "This is the kids’ all-time fave! Why??? Especially in the world right now. They need the stability of a favorite lunch!"

People are feeling so strongly about missing Crispitos, someone even made a hilarious tribute Tik Tok video.


Maybe you're not from Alabama and have never heard of Crispitos. The best way I've heard them described is a taquito with more meat. Typically, it's a meat filling tightly wrapped in a tortilla that's fried and served crisp.


Maybe in remembrance of the beloved school lunch Crispitos, you can take a trip to your local gas station to grab a few. Although, they probably won't taste the same as the ones inside the school lunch trays. It's just something about those school lunches that were different.
People on Twitter have been expressing their love for Crispitos.


What would you do for a tray of Crispitos?


I guess the gas station is a good alternative when you can't get them at school anymore.


It looks like Crispitos can be used to determine if someone isn't feeling their best too.




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