Say it with Me, “I Will Never Microwave These Foods Again”

I am a microwave Queen. Well, until I got my air fryer. Now, I use my air fryer two to three times a day. It is a time-saver and even an incredible save in reheating food as well. However, I still use my microwave, and there are just certain things that don’t do well in a microwave.

As a person that enjoys some good leftovers, I thought it would be great to share the reheating struggles. Simply put, there are certain foods you shouldn’t reheat in the microwave. According to the Food Network, here are the six things you shouldn’t reheat in the microwave, “Casseroles, French Fries, Fried Chicken, Pasta, Pizza, and Steak.”

Some of the foods on the list do make a lot of sense not to reheat the microwave.  Honestly, I was quite surprised that fried chicken and pizza made the list. I nuke those for real. But, now I put them in the air fryer to reheat. And there is never any leftover fries, so I didn’t understand that one. [LOL]

There was one food that wasn’t on the list from the Food Network that should never …ever … ever …be reheated in the microwave and for sure not at work. And that is … (drum roll please) … FISH! Sweet baby Jesus! Why do people insist on doing this? When you microwave fish, it just turns into rubber. If you do it in the work community microwave, it stinks up the entire office. And there is not enough air freshener to clear the air quickly enough.

(Source) For more from the Food Network, click here.

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