See This Florida Transplant Experience His First Snow in Alabama 

It finally happened! I saw real snow and it was too much fun.

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Being from Florida, seeing snow was something that I never imagined was possible. Anything under 75 degrees and we feel the need to put on a jacket. When the temperature enters the lower 70's high 60's we're pulling out gloves and boots. Anything lower than 60's you most likely won't find us outside! Lol!

Since living in Alabama, I've become used to cooler weather. I noticed it when I went home for my birthday a few weeks ago. It was mid 70's and my parents were saying how cold it was. My wife and I were sweating and my son didn't even have his shirt on. It was hilarious to see how much our bodies have adjusted to the weather in Alabama versus the Florida weather we grew up with.

My wife and I have been waiting on a chance to see snow since we found out we'd be living in Alabama. Time after time we were disappointed as it would get cold, but no snow would fall. Last weekend, I noticed that there was a chance of snow this week. Once I seen my weather app no longer say snow was a possibility, I figured it was the same ole song.

Randomly, last night I had just got off a conference call and something told me "Look outside." I looked and almost fainted. IT WAS SNOWING! I put on my layers of clothes and went outside to enjoy the weather.

It was freezing and windy but I had so much fun. In fact, I kept going back inside to warm up and going right back outside. I stayed up til 4a repeating this cycle! Yes, I was that excited about snow! The best part was the next morning seeing all the snow accumulate and the frozen plants and such. I really enjoyed my first snow experience!

On the way to work, I even stopped to take more pictures of some of the beauty the ice and snow created around Tuscaloosa.

Tuscaloosa Snow 2.16.2021

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