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Publix grocery stores has added to a list of items with purchase limits. The grocery store chain had restricted sales on.

-Cranberry Sauce

-Canned Gravy

-Cream Cheese


-Breakfast Sausage

-Disposable Plates


-Bath Tissue


-Sports drinks


-cat food, and other refrigerated pet foods.

Publix has added more products to the restricted purchase list. The additions include.

-Coconut Flakes

-Whipping Cream

-Pie Shells

-Hash Browns

-vegetable and corn oil

Shoppers will be limited  to no more than two items on the restricted list. Publix shoppers are also limited to buying 10 individual cans of cat food. Product restrictions are happening in a seven state region, including Tuscaloosa area Publix grocery stores.

Publix product restrictions could change depending on supply demand product availability.

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