Alabama softball's Game 1 matchup in the 2021 NCAA Super Regionals came down to the wire on Friday afternoon.

After taking a 4-2 lead in the fourth inning, it looked like the game's momentum was solely in the Crimson Tide's possession. The seventh inning, however, had many of the Tide faithful in attendance questioning if the offense had done enough.

Nevertheless, junior RHP Montana Fouts took over after loading the bases and sealed the game in signature fashion with a strikeout.

While trying to escape the impending rain, vocal Alabama alum and softball super-fan Emily Pitek (@emilypitek on Twitter) caught up with Tide 100.9 to discuss the nail-biting victory.

"Well, I knew we had to do something crazy because Kentucky knows what we do here in Rhoads," Pitek Said. "Coach Lawson (Kentucky) always prepares their team to come in a tough environment. First couple innings Autumn Humes had it going and it's hard really to get something going when their pitcher's shutting our offense down. I thought sometimes the Rhoads crowd can actually change the momentum, and that's what we did today."

On Kentucky's noticeable visitor section, Pitek said, "They brought it. They were ready to go so it was good to see them excited. It's a Super Regional and it's pretty awesome. I welcome that from them because it actually makes us, our crowd, better."

As a student-athlete starting in 2003, Pitek was a four-year starter on Bama Soccer's defense and named team captain twice before starting her career as the pseudo-spokeswomen for Alabama women's athletics.

In 2012, the same year Alabama softball won its first national championship as a program, Pitek was inducted into ESPN's Hall of Fans for her unwavering support of the Tide.

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