There are towns in Alabama with less than 500 residents. Wow! We've got a list of some of the smallest Alabama towns.

Being from Orlando, Florida, seeing small towns isn't as uncommon as you may think. Orlando is a very big city, but there are some small towns in central Florida.  I went to college in a town much smaller than Orlando and spent a lot of time in a small town volunteering at a kids' camp. In fact, the city where I attended college has a smaller population than Tuscaloosa!

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When it comes to small towns in Alabama, I was sure Tuscaloosa was one of the smallest towns in the state. That was before I spent over a year in the city. Of course, I now know that's false.

What are the smallest towns in Alabama? Do you think you know of them? Maybe you or your friends grew up in one of those small towns. I'm talking about places where the population is under 1000 people. Could you imagine that? Less than 1000 total residents in your town?


Back home in Orlando, I'd say I knew a lot of people in the city. There were multiple businesses that I discovered all because I've never been on that side of town before. It's cause it was a big enough city where that could happen. Imagine knowing everyone in the city. There are plenty of places like that in Alabama and we've got a list of a few of them.

With the help of, we were able to find the smallest towns in the Yellowhammer state. Check out the smallest towns in Alabama.

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