Let me start off by saying, It's an absolute disgrace that places like this still exist. You'd think we've become better overall with how we treat people.

While scrolling on Instagram, I came across a video that talked about something I've been hearing about for a few months now. It's placed in the United States that operates in a way that's not just outdated, but inhumane.

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Parents, you know that feeling you get when you think a situation is unsafe or not right for your kids? Could you imagine feeling that on a regular basis or even on vacation?

Growing up I've always heard about places like this and even spent time close to a town in this category.

Have you ever heard of a sundown town?

What's A Sundown Town?

If you've never heard of a sundown town, it's ok. There are plenty of people who live in states where there are sundown towns or right next to one and don't even know.

My wife actually didn't know what they were and we both grew up near a sundown town back home in Florida.

According to Black Past, a  sundown town is a place that is traditionally an all-white community, county, or neighborhood that excludes blacks and other minorities by the threat of violence, discriminatory laws, or harassment.


Does Alabama Have Any Sundown Towns? 

From Facebook comments I've seen and word of mouth since I've moved to Alabama, I've been told that there are a few sundown towns in the state of Alabama.

I can't confirm if it's true or not but I know I've never been to either of the cities.

The video below contains strong language that may be offensive to some

Since living in Alabama, I've heard multiple times that Cullman is a sundown town and when traveling, I shouldn't make a stop there. Social media comments on both Tik Tok and Facebook say that Cullman is no longer safe for people of color and that it's just the town's past.

What do you think?

Do any Alabama natives care to let me know their thoughts on sundown towns in the state? Share your thoughts with me at DreDay@Townsuaremedia.com

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