There are certain comments that should never be made, period.  Among those, there are some where if they’re going to be stated, they definitely shouldn’t be made in public. Even worse, social media is THE LAST place some statements should be made.

As Alabama Governor Kay Ivey addressed the extension of her “Safer at Home Order” Wednesday, Alabama State Board of Education member Wayne Reynolds chose to remark on Governor Ivey’s weight and appearance.

During a live stream of the press conference, Reynolds made the comment, "She is gaining weight." Source.

What does that have to do with coronavirus, its infection rate in the state, or prevention measures? Absolutely nothing.

Women Democratic candidates and leaders have issued a joint statement in response to Reynolds' comments.

A press release states:

These comments are disrespectful, inappropriate in every way, and represent a broader culture of casual sexism.


Women all over Alabama know what it is like to be subjected to unfair criticism on the basis of their appearance or weight. We need to cultivate an environment where individuals are judged on the basis of their skill and proficiency. Alabama elected officials should be discussing policy, not the physical appearance of policymakers. Anything less is a disservice to Alabamians.


We are disturbed by Mr. Reynolds' remarks, and we hope other elected officials and candidates will likewise condemn his comments. Mr. Reynolds was wrong and we deserve better.

It was signed by Amy Wasyluka, President of the Alabama Democratic Women; Laura Casey, Candidate for Public Service Commission President; Phyliss Harvey Hall, Candidate for Alabama Congressional District 2; and Dr. Adia Winfrey, Candidate for Alabama Congressional District 3.

Even without Miranda rights being read, we all have the right to remain silent; and anything we say at any time can be used against us.  It is always a best practice to say absolutely nothing than to put one's foot in his mouth.

It's all too easy for Reynolds' comment to be taken as meaning there's something inadequate about a woman or girl with a little extra weight; and what parent would want a person who thinks a certain way to make any decisions pertaining to her daughter's education?

See how easily that can turn?

A quick reminder of one of the most emphasized topics we all encountered in school: Be quiet.

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