Saturday, April 15th, Stillman's Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Team traveled to Torrence, California to compete in the National Championship.

"I’m pretty excited to be going to California, it’s my first time to going out there," said  Zharia Lankford, a member of the Honda All-Star Challenge team.

Zharia's first trip to California ended with a huge win as the Stillman Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Team took home the title in America’s premier academic competition for students from HBUCs.

“I’m so proud that we will bring back the HCASC National Championship title and demonstrate that we create an environment at Stillman to produce this winning talent,” said Dr. Cynthia Warrick, Stillman president.

The win marks Stillman's first ever win in the competition.

The Honda Campus All-Star Challenge is a year-round program that celebrates Black excellence and challenges students to expand their scope of knowledge on a wide range of topics, with the opportunity to gain lifelong learning skills, including leadership, collaboration, and sportsmanship.

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Based on the theme “Friends for Life,” participating students have the opportunity to build camaraderie with students from other HBCUs and gain mentorship opportunities with HCASC alumni and Honda associates.

The winning team was coached by Dr. Thomas Steven Jennings and includes team captain Carla A. Louca, a senior majoring in religion from Tuscaloosa, Susannah Britain LeMay, a junior majoring in journalism from Fredericksburg, Virginia, Jaela Williams, a junior majoring in criminal justice from Huntsville, and Zharia Nubia Lankford, a senior majoring in journalism from Douglasville, Georgia.


Congratulations to the ladies of the Stillman College Honda Campus All-Star Challenge Team and everyone who helped make this historic moment happen.

Go Tigers!

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