While most people are pleased to encounter others who graduated from the same institution as them, there's something a bit more spectacular about the bond between those who've attended HBCU's, whether they knew each other while they were in school or not.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities were developed to benefit those who were not allowed to attend traditional institutions of higher learning.  While race no longer restricts school attendance, there is still something special about students who deem it proper to attend the schools established to serve them when others wouldn't.

Students who attend HBCU's often have similar backgrounds and pride in the obstacles they overcame to not only be accepted into college but to also flourish while enrolled. So, they often celebrate each other's successes.

The Millennial Council - Stillman Alumni group on Facebook is a great way for current and former Stillman students and supporters to remain aware of institutional, personal, and professional advancements.

Recently, an appeal was made for educators to identify the schools they serve.


So, if you are a Stillman grad who currently works in education, please submit your information.  If you know of one, pass the information along!

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