Stillman Wins With An Electrifying Buzzer Beater

With just 4 seconds left on the clock, the Stillman Tigers Men's Basketball team hit a buzzer-beater to seal the win. 

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The Stillman College Tigers kicked off their homecoming weekend with a doubleheader against the Wolf Pack of Loyola University.

The Women's Basketball team fell short with a final score of 42-51. As the Men's game kicked off, it was evident that this wouldn't be an easy win for the Tigers. After a lot of back and forth and battling back from a deficit, the Tigers found themselves fighting for a win in the second half.

With 12 min left, Virgil Fields came up big in the paint. It wouldn't be his last time this game. He also delivered significant points in the paint with 1:20 left in the game.

Devin Merriweather came up clutch with two huge free throws with just 35 seconds left in the game. The energy in the gym was at its height with just 12 seconds left on the clock. Out of nowhere, Roger Davis slams home a big dunk to put the Tigers in the lead.

Somehow the Wolf Pack battled back and took a commanding 2 point lead over the Tigers. I can't lie, I thought the game was over. With just 4 seconds left, I didn't think it was enough time left to score.

Mr. Clutch Devin Merriweather had something to say bout that. After a timeout, the Tigers got their gameplan together and they were ready to execute the plan. The ball ended up in Merriweather's hands as he dribbled across halfcourt. He went up for a three-pointer and sunk it at the buzzer. The crowd literally went wild! What a way to kick off homecoming weekend for the Tigers!

Saturday, February 20th, the Stillman Tigers look to go 3-1 in the season against the Wolf Pack as they play them again starting at 5pm.

I can't wait to see this game. Shoutout to the Stillman Tigers for a great game and never giving up!

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