If you think "Stone Cold" Steve Austin wearing an Alabama Crimson Tide facemask in a selfie on social media is pretty damn cool, give me a "Hell Yeah!"

The legendary WWE Superstar took to Twitter to show off his special gear for a beer run.

Sadly we haven't seen a follow up video of "Stone Cold" smashing said beers over his head and chugging them through the facemask, but he did get a response from Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne.

Austin hasn't responded publicly, yet, but the offer does spring to mind some interesting opportunities. Austin earned his nickname the "Texas Rattlesnake" during professional wrestling's  "Attitude Era" for his bold, brash and unpredictably devious actions. So which game should Austin attend?

The first SEC game of the year is slated to be the Georgia Bulldogs coming to town for what could be a knock out defensive battle. But on the other hand, Texas A&M will be i town in November, giving the six-time WWE champion a glimpse at Texas's best program against the Tide.

Better yet, the Iron Bowl will be in Tuscaloosa. What better way to see the Crimson Tide up close than by witnessing them go to battle against their biggest rival?

Either way, having "Stone Cold" on campus would be great fun, especially for the young men in the locker room. The opportunity to have a culture legend such as Ston Cold speak to his team before a big game would not be an opportunity head coach Nick Saban would pass up.

Austin proclaimed his fandom for the Crimson Tide back in 2016 on his podcast The Steve Austin Show: Unleashed before WrestleMania 30.

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"Man, I tell you what, I've got a couple of favorites," Austin said. "I really love what Nick Saban has done wherever he's been. I've been a Roll Tide fan for a long time, so I would call the Alabama Crimson Tide my number one team."

Maybe the Austin 3:16 verse could use a good "...  and Roll Tide!" at the end?

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