Hockey is one sport that isn’t super popular here in the south but it’s one more people should invest in here at the University of Alabama.

This amazing team has a very competitive match against the mighty Georgia Bulldogs this upcoming Friday.

This Friday on Oct. 22, at the Pelham Civic Complex at 10 p.m. will take on the Bulldogs in their sixth match of the season. They are going into this game 2-1 overall in their season, and hope to continue their victory tail.

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This hockey team is the Universities Division two team, so to the surprise, they do not get the attention they deserve. With only getting up to 100 people in their crowd going to their games, their main way to get the fans they deserve are by watching their game via livestream.

This team has work extremely hard the past couple month to get better prepared to dominate this 21-22 season. Especially with their facility is over an hour drive away, which can be very long and stressful on these players, but they continue to make it work and representing our Crimson Tide name.

So if you have any extra time on your Friday night, I encourage you to go and watch these boys shred the ice and claim another victory.

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