The Hidden Alabama Park You Didn't Know About 

Alabama is home to some of the most scenic views. This park located in the Yellowhammer state has views, waterfalls, and more!

I love finding new things to do here in Alabama. I recently came across what's said to be a "hidden park" in Alabama according to Only In Your State. 

Hunstville, Alabama is home to Monte Sano Nature Preserve. Located on top of Monte Sano Mountain. The preserve is one of the biggest urban land preserves in America spreading across more than 1,100 acres.

According to Only In Your State, Monte Sano Nature Preserve's main attraction is its 22+ miles of public trails that are great for hiking, biking, bird watching, picnicking, and more. Numerous hikers from all across the North Alabama region visit this nature preserve for its scenic trails.

Monte Sano Nature Preserve In Alabama

This is definitely a place I'd like to take my family. Talk about a perfect day trip! I love the waterfall, and my wife would absolutely just being there in the midst of nature. We'd have to look out for all of the different species of animals since our son would wonder and try to put everything in his mouth. Lol!

Sometime in the near future, I'll take a trip out to Monte Sano Nature Preserve. If you've been there before, or have any tips that'll maximize my experience please let me know. You can reach out to me on Facebook @BigDawgDreDay. 

If you'd like more information on Monte Sano Nature Preserve you can click here to visit their site. 

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