Dear Mr. Carney,

As the iconic third Saturday in October approaches, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for the 78 seconds of cheerful optimism, after Tennessee seemed to have the rival advantage, winning the last three of four games prior. However, it not only captured my love, but also the love of a nation, all passionate about the same team. Hell, even Sandra Bullock wanted in on the fun.

Although your comments have always stuck in the hearts of Alabama fans, they have never been truer than they were after Saturday night as the Vols lost to Ole Miss.

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What turned out to be an event disgracing the conference, came to be because of a statement that may have a familiar ring. On a 4th-and-24, with 54 seconds left to go and the Volunteers down by only five, a crucial pass to TE Jacob Warren was stopped short one yard before the line to gain; thus, turning the ball over and sealing the Ole Miss win.

Although obviously short, because of the nature of the game, the referees utilized an official review, confirming what everyone else could see from a mile away. Yet, that was not good enough as the boo's poured out of the stands and "fans" proceeded to throw trash onto the field, delaying another inevitable defeat, thinking they were actually doing something. This accurate representation of the fandom proves point that Rocky Top are, in fact, a bunch of sore losers.

Was Neyland Stadium hosting an SEC football game or garbage truck convention? On Saturday, there was no difference, as fans threw: water bottles, beer cans, an impressive mustard bottle, a golf ball hitting Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin, and much more. The UT band and cheerleaders had to evacuate the field as items continued to be thrown, even after the game clock struck 0:00.

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Despite the fact that, as each September comes, and Vols claim "it's their season," the only opportunity they will see to resemble their neighbors to the south is in their dreams. Alabama continues to show domination over Tennessee, not only in October each season, but also all-time. Alabama leads: all-time records and bowl wins percentages, Conference and Division titles, and last, but certainly not least, National Championships. The only shot the Vols have at seeing the College Football Playoffs would be in an EA Sports' College Football video game.

And finally, I cannot stress this enough: thank you. Thank you for the memes, memories, and for single-handedly changing the SEC rivalry forever. Here's to more fun, laughs, and 15 in a row. Roll Tide.

With Love,

Crimson Tide Nation

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