Just when we felt like the NFL and Colin Kaepernick issue had settled, here we are again!

Last week, news broke about the NFL holding a special workout for Colin Kaepernick. It was to be held at the Atlanta Falcons Training Facility with certain stipulations that Colin's camp didn't approve of. Almost 30 minutes before the workout was scheduled to begin, Kaepernick was a no show at the Falcon's Training Facility and held his own workout at a local Atlanta High School.

Colin not only held his own workout and didn't show to the NFL organized workout, when he showed at the Atlanta high school, he wore a Kunta Kinte t-shirt. ESPN Analyst Stephen A. Smith spoke on this situation and criticized Kaepernick's actions dealing with the workout.


At first I agreed with Smith's co-host Max with his point of view of this situation.



After thinking more on it, I agree with Stephen A. Smith about we need strategy in this situation. What are your thoughts? Do you think the NFL or Colin Kaepernick could've do things better?

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