If you're trying to convince a family or friend to move to the state of Alabama, the results of this new study might not help your case.

Can you believe, an Alabama city has been named the most unhappiest city in the whole United States?!

I'm not saying Alabama has the best places to live in America, but there has to be some other places in the country that are worse.

According to this study by Smart Asset, a very well known Alabama city made the list of the most happiest cities in America. The only problem is that it was ranked dead last which makes it America's most unhappiest city.

How It's Determined

Determining the most unhappiest city in America wasn't just an opinion on someone's podcast, it took a whole process to determine.

Smart Asset analyzed the 200 largest cities in the United states,164 of which had available data.

In all, they looked at 13 different metrics across three categories: personal finance, well-being and quality of life.

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Within those three categories, there were some sub-categories included such as bankruptcy fillings, life expectancy, marriage rates, violent crime rate and more.

America's Most Unhappiest City

After looking at the data, Alabama made the list with one of it's most popular cities. The bad thing is, the city ranked at the bottom of the list which give it the title of America's Most Unhappiest City.

The most Unhappiest City in America according to Smart Asset is Birmingham, Alabama.


Do you think Birmingham deserves this title?

Check out the full results of the Smart Asset study by clicking here. 

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