Although the University of Alabama didn't win a championship in 2023 in Football or basketball, it's looking like the Crimson Tide still came out on top.

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People talk all the time about which school has the best sports team and which school has the best fans.

I've always thought this, but it seems like we finally have some proof that Crimson Tide fans are truly the best.

The coach isn't that bad either right? Especially when he's tossing out the first pitch at the baseball games.

The Alabama Crimson Tide is a college football team that has been dominating the NCAA football scene for years. The team has won numerous national championships and has produced several NFL stars.

However, what's even more impressive than their on-field success is their social media presence.

The study analyzed the verified Instagram accounts of the top 25 college men's football and basketball teams to see where they rank in terms of popularity on social media. The analysis considered the teams' followers, engagement rate, comments, and likes to determine which team is the most popular online.

According to a recent study conducted by online sports betting site Betting-AZ, Alabama Crimson Tide is the most popular college football team on social media, despite the Georgia Bulldogs reigning supreme as the national champions.

When it comes to football, Alabama Crimson Tide is definitely the clear leader and we look to prove all doubters wrong in the fall.



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