This Tuscaloosa Elementary School Closed Out The School Year In A Lit Way

You know that wherever 105.1 The Block goes, it's a party. May 24th, we invaded this Tuscaloosa school and gave the kids the party of a lifetime!

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Students have had a long year in school dealing with COVID-19. The administration at Southview Elementary wanted to make sure their students had a great reward to close out the year. A gym party!  Let's be honest, the teachers wanted to party a little bit too. Lol!

The party was so dope. They had curtains over all of the gym windows, glowsticks, and lots of space to turn up! We bought party lights and a full sound system and they loved it all!


I have to admit, I'm a little bit jealous of these students. I remember having a party back in elementary and it wasn't this lavish at all. The most we had to look forward to was getting more than one slice of pizza.

One of the coolest things was seeing the kids' faces when they walked in the gym and realized it was 105.1 The Block ready to throw a party for them. It was like they couldn't believe it was really about to happen. Their excitement went through the roof.

Thank you to the Southview administration for having us out at your school. We had a great time dancing with the kids. We know they appreciated it and we did as well. It's our pleasure to volunteer our time to create a memorable experience for kids in the community. Hopefully, we'll be back soon!

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