These Tuscaloosa Seniors Know How To Turn Up! 

It's officially graduation season for West Alabama high school seniors. The seniors at Central high school celebrated graduation in a major way!

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The "Fresh Class of 2021" at Tuscaloosa's Central High school knows how to party. They hosted a senior celebration and invited me to come and DJ. since I moved to Alabama, Central has always felt like home to me so I had to accept the invitation.

I know how stressful this year has been. Virtual learning isn't easy, and dealing with all the COVID-19 protocols for schools is no joke. I knew this was a chance for both the teachers and the students to let loose and have some fun. You can believe, we did that!

This may make me sound old, but I was so shocked to see the kids actually playing outside! You know the newer generation gets a bad wrap about "not wanting to play outside."

We had an old school, new school dance battle, and the seniors killed the old school dances! I was watching from behind the turntables like a proud parent. Lol!

After the first round of dancing, the seniors went and played a kickball game. I started to come out of retirement but I didn't want to make the kids look bad. We took pictures, danced together, and celebrated the class of 2021. They're getting ready to leave their high school days behind and move on to the next step of life.

Shoutout to Central high school for having me out today. It's always a great time when I can get out into the community and have fun. Congratulations to the class of 2021!

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