College is a dangerously wild place. It’s the only place where you can depend on a friend to take you home after you’ve had too much and laugh about it later.

That seems to be what happened in this viral video clip from Tennesse Vs. Alabama weekend. A long night for one young lady ended with what seems to be a friend carting her home.

In a video that's been viewed over 68,000 times on Instagram, one girl can be seen pulling another seemingly unconscious girl on a cart down the sidewalk.

Although there's no context to the video, we can only imagine what transpired before this video was recorded. The area they're walking through looks to be a residential area behind the strip, near Bryant-Denny Stadium.


First of all, let's recognize how nice of a person this young lady is for doing this. These are the kind of friends you can't pay to have on your side. She could've easily left her where she was or tried to make her walk back home.

To find a cart, get the young lady on it, and wheel it all the way back home is amazing!

We also have to ask, what exactly happened to cause this? Was it drinking? Was this just the result of being sleepy after a night of fun? Where did the cart come from?

Either way, I hope they both made it home safe. I love a good turn up, but safety is the number one concern, especially for women. But seriously. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

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