We've all fallen victim to tricks and pranks on social media at least once. It looks like celebrities can be fooled as well.

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Mega-star Taylor Swift seems to be the latest to fall for social media trickery that involves a viral video filmed right here in Tuscaloosa.

Who can forget the Alabama Crimson Tide beat the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2021 National Championship game? We won 52-24 to end the season undefeated and gave the Tide yet another National Championship trophy.

The celebration after the game was just as epic as the Tide's immaculate record. Hundreds of people stormed the streets on Tuscaloosa's Strip to celebrate and it was all caught on camera.

There is currently a version of the celebration on Tik Tok that has a crowd singing Taylor Swift's All Too Well at the top of their lungs dubbed over the video. The video has been viewed over 500k times and has over 75k likes. No wonder it caught Taylor Swift's attention.

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It looks really convincing. So convincing in fact, Taylor Swift herself has commented on the Tik Tok video in amazement.

Taylor Swift can be seen in the comments section showing her support of the video. The user who originally uploaded the dubbed video responded to Swift's comment saying, "don't cancel me."



In a response video, the user shows her collection of Taylor Swift memorabilia and explains how she didn't think the video would get that much attention. "This is like the best day of my life. I actually do love Miss Swift, I thought it would get like five likes."


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