With the big game this weekend there are so many events going on, particularly parties! This is my specialty.  By no means am I a professional party planner or promoter. I only have my experience through the years at various events in different cities. I thought this weekend is the perfect time to give my tips on throwing a good party.

The first thing is a good venue. The venue could be a house, a tent, a music hall, there's really no limit to what kind of venues make the best parties. What you can't do is throw a party at a venue and have no decorations, lights, fog, just a bare venue. Add some kind of spice to the place!


The price is the next thing. typically, no one wants to pay $50+ for a party, especially if it's a house party. Not that your party can't be successful charging that much, but it has to have a banging venue, food, great drink specials and maybe even a Drake appearance! lol



The last thing I'll mention for now is music! Your music has to be on point. It could be a DJ(which is preferred) or a fire playlist!


Shameless plug... If you need a great DJ for your event to keep the party hype, engage with the crowd and make sure every person has a great time, hit me up! >>>> Big Dawg DreDay.


I'm no expert in parties and I'm sure I left some things out. Let me know what things make a good party to you!

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