Tik Tok Video Helps With COVID Symptoms??

Last week, I was working on getting my taste and smell back after COVID. I think I found something that works thanks to Tik Tok.

It was a week ago to date when I asked listeners one simple question, how do I get my taste and smell back? Even though I never tested positive for COVID-19, I'm pretty sure I had it. what else could make me lose my sense of taste and smell for almost a year?!

I did some research and found a video on olfactory training. You use essential oils daily to help kind of train your smell sense to come back. After I found that, I went to the store that day to find the needed essential oils.





While at the store, a listener sent me a message saying that eating a burnt orange would help. I heard of that before but it was on Tik Tok. I thought there was NO WAY a Tik Tok trend could work. I grabbed a few oranges anyway I was desperate.

After about a day or two, I just kept staring at the orange and then at around midnight, I went for it. I decided to burn the orange and eat it. Almost immediately after eating it, I noticed a difference in my sense of smell.

Before eating the orange, I was doing the olfactory training with the essential oils. There was only about one of them that I could smell really good, all of the others were very faint. After eating the orange, I noticed I could smell the others a little more.

My wife lost her taste and smell around the same time as me and hers is just as bad. 2 days ago I had her eat the burnt orange and it worked! Her smell and taste are improving. Who knew a peeled burnt orange and brown sugar would do the trick?

Would you be willing to try it?

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