In the days of the internet and social media we have seen some really creative challenges...and then we have seen some dumb ones.

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Users of the popular site TikTok are doing by far one of the dumbest challenges to add to the craziness of 2020. Kids are using nail adhesive to secure fake vampire fangs to their actual teeth for Halloween, per Yahoo News. WHAT?

While they are probably thinking how cool it would be to actually have fake fangs, there is a major issue - REMOVING THEM. This is very complicated because the adhesive used has the same ingredients as super glue!

The videos show people trying to remove the fangs causing them to go viral, which got dentists of TikTok to respond telling them what to do in the worst case scenario.

First thing you should do is seek dental attention and not to pull on your teeth. If you can't make it to the dentist, you should wait until the fangs fall off, brush your teeth gently, and rinse your mouth.

If that isn't crazy enough, there is ANOTHER craze where people are filing their teeth down which gave dentists a toothache of their own!

Dentists of TikTok have gotten involved and spoken out about the videos saying nail glue, or any other super glue is poisonous and shouldn't be consumed, but instead use denture glue or ortho wax which can be easily removed.

Granted if they keep doing this crazy trend they will eventually be using them!

How 'bout this!  Buy some fake fangs and keep the party moving.

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