We have less than 10 days until Thanksgiving day. If I'm going to smoke a turkey, I need to start planning for it now.  Who has the best tips?

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Although it's pretty much in my blood, I've never considered myself a master on the grill or smoker. My food is always amazing whenever I grill but I know there's more I could learn. That's why I'm willing to ask for help with my next task.

I want to smoke my first Thanksgiving turkey this year.

Although I have a few hurdles, I know it's possible. My first hurdle is that I don't have a smoker, just a regular charcoal grill. My next hurdle is that I've never done this before. I want the turkey to be well seasoned, tender/juicy, and full of flavor.

I'm always one to research, so I've been looking at a few Youtube videos of people smoking a turkey on a charcoal grill. So far, from watching videos, I learned that I need to brine the turkey first, inject it with seasonings, set up zones on my grill for direct and indirect heat, then let the magic happen.


Several videos later, and I feel like I'm kind of an expert. I've already purchased my injection butter and a few other items. What I could use from you is more suggestions and insider tips on how to make sure this is the best-smoked turkey ever.

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