Who would've imagined we'd be right back here for the start of the 2021-2022 school year? Dealing with COVID-19.

With the increase in Delta Variant COVID-19 cases in Alabama, many are wondering how schools are going to deal with students and employee safety. Tuscaloosa City Schools recently announced a mandatory mask mandate in effect until September 10th.


When asked about parents concerned about children's safety this upcoming school year, Dr. Latanya Williams-Collins, Principal of Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary said, "We take the safety of our students seriously." She wanted parents to be reassured that they will continue to "Make sure our students are properly washing their hands, making sure that we are social distancing, making sure that we're continuously sanitizing and cleaning the rooms and areas."

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Monday, August 9th, Martin Luther King Jr. Elm held their annual meet and greet where parents joined their students in meeting the teachers for the upcoming school year. Parents and students were excited to be back in the building seeing other smiling faces.

"I am so proud to see the outcome that we had today," Dr. Williams-Collins explained. " I have never seen that many parents here with students come in and engage and interact with the teachers. It's so good to see that relationship build in a more positive way between home and school."

Principal Dr. Latanya Williams-Collins is looking forward to a great year at Martin Luther King Jr. Elm "We have amazing students here just like we do anywhere else that are capable of learning."

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