Are there any gentlemen in Tuscaloosa? This Tik Tok user wanted to see for herself and the results are hilarious!

We know that Tuscaloosa is known for many things. Great sports, good drinks, partying, and meeting gentlemen at bars? Could this be a thing?

As I was doom scrolling on Tik Tok, I came across a video from a user named Georgia_Neill. the video has been viewed almost 300k times and amassed close to 500 comments.

In this Tik Tok, the woman goes around a Tuscaloosa bar extending her hand to men to see if they know what to do next.

As most know, men kissing a woman's hand is a greeting gesture that's considered the proper, respectful way for a gentleman to greet a lady. Well, it would seem most would know but from looking at the video, some people were either caught off guard or didn't know what to do.

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For some strange reason, I found myself rooting for the guys in the video! It was almost like there were representing all guys lol. Although most knew what to do, there were a few who looked absolutely confused or scared when they saw her hand.

Another obvious thing to mention is COVID. Who would kiss her hand right after another person has done it? Is it even safe to kiss her hand in the first place? Hopefully, hand sanitizer and soap were used behind the scenes.

So we can all rest assured that gentlemen do exist in the bars of Tuscaloosa.

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