Tuscaloosa Creatives Have A Chance To Work With Dreamville

So many people dream of their big break especially when it comes to being in the entertainment business. Residents in Tuscaloosa have reason to be excited about this next opportunity.

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J. Cole's musical journey is one that people within the culture admire. Not just his music, content, and style but how he got into the business is more than admirable. To come into the game and be recognized by the GOAT Jay-Z? then be signed to him?! Who does that?!


J.Cole created his own label and has since signed multiple acts like Earthgang, J.I.D, Ari Lennox, and more. What if a creative from Tuscaloosa had the chance to work with Cole's Dreamville? Well, they do! Yes, you heard right. Someone in Tuscaloosa could work with J. Cole's Dreamville.

Candace J. Rodney, who according to her Instagram bio is Dreamville's Executive Vice President, posted on her Instagram about an opportunity to work with Dreamville. the opportunity is a boot camp program for Art Direction, Graphic Design, Project Management, Brand Management, Media Planning, Public Relations, Content Strategy, Production, and  Copywriting.

Candace posted that the deadline for applicants is May 1st, 2021. In her caption she posts, 

The #1 question we receive is, “How do I work at Dreamville?” Excited to share that we’ve been working on an answer; creating access and a pipeline into our business... but really an entry point to prepare you to conquer the industry.

@dreamville x @mgproject to form a pop-up agency and incubator this summer under their flagship iCR8 Bootcamp program.

Art Direction. Graphic Design. Project Management. Brand Management. Media Planning. Public Relations. Content Strategy. Production. Copywriting.

Apply now. Application deadline is May 1, 2021. Link in bio.

There is a lot of talent here in Tuscaloosa and I feel like people should apply. Don't think that Tuscaloosa is too small to compete with other creatives from bigger places like New York, Texas, or California. I encourage all creatives in the city to apply. Believe in your ability and take advantage of this opportunity. Click here to apply for this amazing opportunity.

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