For the second time in a week Tuscaloosa Police have made arrests of a large number of suspects. 34 people have been arrested on various charges, including: failure to appear arrests, felony and misdemeanor drug charges, weapons violations, and felony and misdemeanor warrants were served. Officers also found a person in possession of a stolen vehicle from Jefferson County.

According to a TPD post on the department's Facebook page, Special operations officers saturated across high crime areas of the city just as they did last Thursday when 31 people were arrested on various drug and weapons charges.

In the Facebook post Chief Brent Blankley said, "... these operations would continue in an effort to make the streets of Tuscaloosa safer. Tuscaloosa Police will continue to work hard to make the citizens of Tuscaloosa feel safe".

When new Tuscaloosa Police Chief Brent Blankley was inaugurated into office in early March the 14 year veteran on the force vowed to step up the fight against crime in the city. "I think we can’t get rid of crime without the support of the community,” Blankley said. “I think the community has had enough of crime, so I hope we can come together and bridge the gaps that need to be bridged and fight crime to the best of our ability.”

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