The bells are ringing again this year as you enter your holiday shops to do your holiday shopping. The Salvation Army in Tuscaloosa has bell ringers in full swing ringing bells across West Alabama to raise funds and hope for thousands of people who need financial assistance, housing, food assistance and job assistance. Many people need hope especially after a hard fought 2020 with the current pandemic which has left many families struggling with bills, food insecurity, health issues and job losses.

The Red Kettle campaign is the largest fundraiser of the year held by the Tuscaloosa Salvation Army. However, there has been a shortage of volunteers due to the pandemic. Many local groups, churches, organizations, businesses and individuals have stepped up to the plate to help volunteer to ring the bell and you can too!

Tuscaloosa's Salvation Army hopes to raise $100,000 between now and Christmas. Bell ringing is under at 15 locations, 7 hours a day for 25 days. The local charity needs your help as more people are seeking food assistance more than ever.

If you cannot help in person, the Red Kettle Virtual campaign is underway too and you can give online with a virtual donation. If you know someone or part of a group interested in ringing red kettle bells for the Salvation Army or donating online, you can call (205)632-3691 or donate online at 

The online campaign is currently at $1500.00 and they desperately need your help in the virtual campaign in Tuscaloosa.

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