Recently, a University of Alabama student alleged she was the victim of systemic racism after she was arrested for assault this week following an altercation with another student.

The student, Jamiah Stroud gave 105.1 the Block an exclusive interview going deeper into her account of the events that transpired that day.

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As previously reported, Stroud said the alleged victim, in this case, was in a car that tried to run her and two others over in the parking lot of UA's Tutwiler Hall on the evening of February 18th.

Stroud said, "They do little things like that all the time," referring to students at the University of Alabama. "When you're walking across the street the (white) people speed up their cars and scream out the window F us."

Stroud continued, "It's normal behavior for them but it was still unexpected that she tried to run us over."


After their encounter in the parking lot, Stroud and the second student were together in a dorm elevator when she reportedly called Stroud an expletive. Stroud claims she "subtly pushed" her in response, but the alleged victim later told filed a sworn complaint with a district court magistrate claiming that she split her head open on a cement wall when Stroud pushed her.

A warrant was issued for Stroud's arrest, and the University of Alabama Police Department served the warrant but did not issue it and their own investigation into the matter is ongoing. Stroud was arrested and formally charged with third-degree assault, a Class A misdemeanor, and later released on a $300 bond.

Stroud says she has a meeting scheduled with the University to possibly determine her future at the institution.

When asked about her desired outcome with this situation, Stroud says she doesn't want "anything bad" to happen to the alleged victim but does want her to be held accountable for lying.

You can hear the full interview with Jamiah Stroud below.

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