Verzuz Recap: Top 6 Moments From Patti Vs. Gladys

The latest Verzuz battle is officially over and man it was a good time! Two legendary singers squared off in an unforgettable battle of the hits. Honestly, it's not like I play Patti Labelle or Gladys Knight on a daily basis, but I really enjoyed tonight's battle.

Thanks to my mom, I was rooting for Patti Labelle during the battle although I honestly think Gladys won. Either way, it was a great time for the culture. It was an actual event in my house. We had the battle on the big screen while eating Sunday dinner. We danced, sung, ate, and fed our son Nuppy while the music played.

It's always funny to see the comments as the battle goes on. The comedians are pointing out all the mess-ups and celebrities are checking in. I found some pretty surprising names in the comment section. I also loved a few special moments during its battle. Check out my Top 6 Moments From the Patti Vs. Gladys Battle.

Top 6 Moments From the Patti Vs. Gladys Battle

Shoutout to Timbaland and Swizz Beatz for yet another epic Verzuz battle. They're making noise in the music industry with these events. One of the most recent battles had more viewers than the MTV Video Music Awards. That is major!

Many people have begun speculating on the next battle. Who would you like to see in a Verzuz battle next? Let me know on Facebook @BigDawgDreDay.

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