[Video] First Dentist Appointment With Daddy How Did It Go?

A huge milestone in not only my son's life but my life happened this morning! His first dentist appointment and it was with daddy!

DreDay, Townsquare Media
DreDay, Townsquare Media

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It's safe to say that I was a little scared about this but definitely not as scared as mommy! It was her idea for me to take him but she was worried sick before we left the house. With COVID-19, we knew that they wouldn't let both parents in the building so she decided to let me take him.

I felt like the classic dad during check-in. It felt like every question they asked me I had no idea what the answer was except his birthday. Even then I gave the wrong year! SMH He's a 1-year-old how did I mess that part up?!

I have to say, aside from checking in, I did great. Asè did great too! Before it was his time to sit in the big chair, you could hear other kids crying while being examined. He was so concerned about them he would just sit still and stare looking all concerned it was too cute. When it was finally his turn, he did so well! He sat in the chair and got in teeth examined without even crying!

Shout out to his dentist and his assistant for doing such a great job with my son. They did well making sure they explained everything that was going to happen and how to care for his teeth moving forward. Most of all, they were gentle. That was my biggest concern.

It's safe to say that after today, my dad level has risen at least 3 points! Lol!

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