There is no doubt that this viral challenge is sweeping the nation. Who would ever think to try it with heels on? This Houston woman did just that.

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How many crate challenge videos have you watched already? There are dozens out there but I've never seen one quite like what Houston native Kerri did.

She completed the crate challenge not in tennis shoes, not barefoot, but in heels!

After I saw this video I had to have her on the show. I had to know how this came about and why she did it. She opened up by saying doing the challenge in heels was nothing hard to do.

When asked about the viral video, Kerri said, "Just seeing the crate challenge, I thought why not take it up a notch. " Take it up a notch is exactly what she did. Who puts on heels and walks up crates!

It's no secret that doing the crate challenge is very dangerous. Kerri definitely had someone in her corner to remind her of the danger. On the other hand, she never thought about dealing with the consequences of falling. "My mom called me blowing up my phone talking about how dangerous it was. I never once thought about falling, as crazy as it sounds."


Kerri made it up and down the crates successfully twice. One time with heels on and another at the same time with another person. She's definitely braver than me. Hear the full interview with Kerri AKA the Hood Olympics Queen below.


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