Alabama is not only home of the champions, but home of great southern home cooking. This Alabama native is going viral for her delicious southern recipes.

When I first moved to Alabama, I was excited. Alabama is like football country, and the University of Alabama is here so that was a huge plus! Another thing that had me excited was the food. I heard some of the best restaurants were in Alabama.

Now, can I be honest? Since moving here, I haven't had too many food experiences that were just over the moon amazing.

What I've found is that the best chefs are right at home in their own kitchens. Much like this Andalusia viral chef.

Brenda Gantt has gained over 2 million followers on Facebook with her amazing southern cooking. It's not just the food that gets you hooked on her page, but her personality as well. A quick 3 minute visit to her Facebook page turned into about n hour of watching all kinds of recipes that she made look so easy and the food came out looking delicious!

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Buttermilk biscuits. chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, country fried steak, and ginger cream squares, are just some of the mouth-watering recipes Gantt has made on Facebook so far.



If you're ready to get in the kitchen this holiday season, I'm sure you can find a few items on Brenda Gantt's page to make in your own kitchen.

I'm letting you know now, if you makes those ginger cream squares, I want to try them!

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