Tik Tok is truly a wild place. It’s the only app where you can find a video of this ridiculous item on sale.

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Could you imagine walking into your favorite Wal-Mart in Tuscaloosa ready to buy some shoes, and you see a pair of moldy shoes? A Tik Tok video that has since gone viral shows a woman who encounters a pair of moldy shoes for sale at a Wal-Mart.

The video posted has garnered over 1 million views and over 125 thousand likes.  The Tik Tok user “Seememommin” posted the video with the caption “What is this @Walmart at store 100 too.”


Not here to judge anyone while they’re at work, but as an employee how do you miss that? We’re not talking a small amount of mold; it was enough to be all over the shoe.

After looking at those shoes, I’m now wondering what other shoes in that store are in this condition or at least close to it. The last thing I’d expect is to buy a brand new pair of shoes and they have mold in them.  What about the food?

There is absolutely no way I could buy any food from this particular Wal-Mart and feel safe taking it home to eat.

Realistically, if you were to see a pair of moldy shoes at a Wal-Mart in Tuscaloosa, what would you do? I can tell you if it were me, I'd be talking with the CEO of Wal-Mart by the end of the week. This is absolutely shocking!

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