Hey what's up?! It's The Big Dawg DreDay! If you didn't know, every weekday at 5p I step behind the turntables to get you lit with the 5 o'clock Turn Up Mix! I say all the time that "I play what you want to hear in the mix," and I really want to live up to that.


I want to know what are your go to songs that get you hype? Right after you clock out of work, while you're on your way to class, or you're fresh out of class, I want to make sure I help you have a great rest of your evening by playing your favorite songs.

Ask the dozens of listeners that's hit me up on my Instagram to request their songs, then sent in videos of them turning up in their car to that exact song. some didn't even believe I'd play their song until they heard it lol. Join in on that number! Send me some songs you'd like to hear inside the 5 O'Clock Turn Up mix on 105.1 The Block! Hit me up on IG @BigDawgDreDay.

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