Arguably the most important college football game in the country is happening here in Tuscaloosa this weekend and I have no idea what to expect! I'm so new in town, I have never been to an Alabama Vs. LSU game.

Do I lookout for money falling out of the sky? Will celebrities be everywhere? I don't even know where to start. While on air, I asked listeners around T-Town what I should expect and if you've been in the city during this game I'm sure you already know the top answer: TRAFFIC!

I was told to prepare for there to be 100,000 people inside the stadium and 100,000 people outside the stadium. WOW! I literally cannot imagine that happening!

Carla, who called in from Tuscaloosa, said I should "leave 5 hours early" to get to the stadium for the game. I really might have to now that the President of the United States is rumored to be at the game!

I'll be asking this question all week and will be sure to report back to you my experience. If you can think of any tips for me, feel free to send them over on Instagram @BigDawgDreDay.

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