With everything going on in the world and the rate at which suspicious activity occurs, most women would rather be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to protecting  their children in addition to themselves.

It is said that the number of women seeking concealed carry permits is grown at an alarming rate-- to the degree that women make up half of the 120 percent increase. Source.

Of course, obtaining a permit isn't enough.  There's no sense in having a permit if a firearm is never purchased or gifted.

But much like voting, it's important to do homework and know why you're choosing the gun you choose.  In addition to cost, weight, features, and ease of use might be necessary factors to consider.

For those who have no idea where to begin, this may be helpful:


But of course, nothing beats a hands-on experience.  So, be sure to do your research and then pay a visit to a gun range that allows you to try a variety of guns before purchasing your own.

For those with experience, is there any particular gun you'd recommend or suggest to stay away from?  If so, why?

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