What's the Best Alabama Wine

It's National Wine Day and I'm in the mood to grab a bottle to celebrate. I'd love to know about local wines made here in Alabama.

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I've reached the stage in life where a few glasses of wine after work sounds like a great evening. At first, I used to watch Olivia Pope on Scandal drink her wine and wonder what was so great about it? It took me a few years but now I get it!

I've recently begun to delve into the world of wine a lot more. I don't want to drink for the feeling, I actually want to enjoy the taste of the wine as well. My preference has been sweet reds and sometimes sweet white wines.

Since living here in Alabama, I'd love to know if there are any local wine brands I could try. I figured if any day was a great day to try one, it's today. Heck, it's National Wine Day!

Outside of local wine brands, a few of my favorites are 19 Crimes and Cupcake Moscato. I credit my wife for the love of the Moscato, and I'm honestly just getting into the 19 Crimes brand. My all-time favorite wine right now is Stella Rosa.

I'm wondering what the wine aficionados of Alabama have for recommendations, I'd prefer to learn about a wine that's local if possible. Let me know in the chat feature of our free app! Lead me in the right direction. I'm trusting you.

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