When Did Diaper Changing Become So Hard?

Okay so I'm almost 7 months into fatherhood and I'm loving it. The thing is, I had no idea changing diapers would grow to be this hard!

Since my son's birth, I've seen so many changes in his actions. His first smile, his first time standing, and his first giggle. That first giggle literally made my heart melt. We're now at the point where he's moving around a lot more. We legit can't take our eyes off of him because he moves around so much and is very curious. One second he's sitting on the floor playing, the next minute he's on the other side of the room trying ready to bite the living room chair!

One thing I knew would eventually get complicated was changing diapers. I just didn't know how strong he would be. He's only a 6-month old baby, but it's literally hard for me to grab him and hold him down long enough to change his diaper. I literally have to be on a time limit. After about 10 seconds, he's trying to roll over on his stomach to crawl around. And that's if I'm lucky! Most times, as soon as you put him on his back to change him, he instantly rolls over on his stomach.

I'm proud of my son and him becoming stronger and more independent, but man! Who knew it would become this hard to change baby diapers? To all of my parents, please let me know what else I have to look forward to next. Is this the end of my son sitting still and not moving much? Are those days long gone?

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