Tips For New Fathers With Babies Under 1-Year-Old

So I'm almost 10 months into this fatherhood journey and I must say, it's fun. Learning new things has been a ride and I feel like I can offer advice to other new fathers.

My son was born in February of this year and as he came into this world I didn't know how to react. Of course, I was happy, excited, and thankful for a healthy baby, but I honestly had no idea what to do. It was a whole, live, human baby. I've never had one of those before!

I thought we had an advantage because my wife is a doula. Birthing classes were a breeze, and I felt very prepared for labor but nothing could prepare me for the months to come.

Now that my son I almost a year old, I feel like I've got some skin in the game and I can at least offer some advice to new fathers with newborn babies.

The first week felt like a whole 3 months to be honest. Once the first few months started to pass, time really started to fly and he began to grow up and learn things FAST. Nothing was perfect, and of course, we made some mistakes along the way, but he's still healthy and happy!

I'm no baby expert, but I do have a healthy 10-month-old baby boy that I've raised so far with my amazing wife. Here are my tips for new fathers with babies under 1 year old.

Tips For New Fathers With Babies Under 1-Year-Old

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